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Dental filling is a treatment used in restoring tooth decay, minor tooth fractures, and other types of minor tooth surface damages. Dental fillings are used to repair and even out tooth surfaces and can be made of white composite or silver amalgam. This provides better chewing and biting. Your dentist will be able to provide you treatment options that will best fit your dental needs.

Full dentures

Complete dentures is an excellent solution for replacing lost natural teeth. they are fitted perfectly to offer comfort and stability. Full dentures last for a very long time and the patient will experience more natural chewing and biting.

Night Guards

mouth guards or protectors are flexible covering designed to protect the teeth and mouth from injuries cause by teeth from grinding, recreational activities and sports. Bruxism causes significant damage to the teeth and mouth therefor a nocturnal plate or custom fitted night guard, custom-designed to fit the mouth works well to prevent this. Night guards designed for teeth grinding work not only for protection but also helps relax jaw muscles.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns and bridges are used to replace, restore and preserve damaged teeth, creating a natural looking teeth and improving  biting and chewing capacity. Dental crowns or " caps " are used to repair an excessively damaged tooth by encasing it in a custom designed crown material, creating a natural looking tooth. Compared to a crown that is placed to cover a single tooth; bridge replaces set of teeth all together.


A dental sealant is clear white, plastic liquid used to protect the tooth surface. it is applied on the chewing surfaces and when the sealant bonds with the pits and grooves of the tooth it serves as a protective covering preventing cavities and tooth decay .

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

there are a variety of non-surgical gum treatments including scaling and root planing and periodontal maintenance. scaling and root planning offer a deep cleaning of the tooth surfaces and the periodontal pockets in the gums that cannot be accomplished with regular tooth brushing or regular teeth cleaning. Non-Surgical gum treatments is a thorough dental cleaning that removes bacterial toxins in the mouth and promotes a healthy smile.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is life threading that is why early diagnosis is very important. there are a variety of symptoms that accompany oral cancer including swelling gums, bumps, lumps and rough sports in the mouth. sometimes there is also unexplained bleeding and loss off feeling as well as pain and tenderness in some areas of the face. changes in the voice, chronic sore throat and hoarseness of the voice as well as ear pains can also signal an onset of oral cancer. Due to the wide number of symptoms, it is best to consult your dentist for oral cancer screening if you see any of these symptoms.

Extractions and Oral Surgery

While our permanent teeth is meant to last a lifetime, dental habits and lifestyle can take a toll and cause damage to the teeth. A tooth extraction and sometimes a more advanced oral surgery maybe necessary when the tooth is too decayed or damaged to be repaired. A tooth extraction and oral surgery maybe also be necessary when there is too much teeth and the mouth is prepared for orthodontic procedures. At Samar Atto DDS we strive to make your dental experiences as trauma-free and comfortable as possible .

Cosmetic Bonding

Uncomplicated Root Canal
Complete Oral Exam

Your dentist will provide you with a thorough oral examination of your mouth, teeth and gums. Attention will be given to potential problems and sighs of decay. You will be given treatment options and sound dental hygiene advice. Routine teeth cleaning may be performed and dental x-rays will be taken

Teeth Whitening


Professional teeth whitening offers power whitening that home teeth whitening products cannot provide. Professional whitening removes stains and discolorations brought about by age and lifestyle practices.

Partial Dentures


Partial or Flexi dentures replace a number of teeth while attached to a gum colored base and could be connected to a metal framework that holds the denture in place. They are often used when there are still some natural teeth left in the lower or upper jaw. Partial dentures not only help with the biting and chewing ability, it also prevents remaining teeth from changing position.

Teeth Cleaning


During your visit, you will receive professional dental cleaning, including plaque and tartar removal in those hard to reach places that regular tooth brushing can't reach. Regular prophylaxis is essential in preventing cavities and periodontal disease.

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